KQL Query Generator

Powered by ChatGPT
Create a query based on your input, idea and use case.


How to Use this Generator:

  1. Enter your ideas or problems related to KQL queries into the textarea.
  2. Click on the "Generate" button.
  3. The AI will process your input and return a KQL Query for you.
  4. To view past queries and their results, scroll down to the "History" section.
  5. If you find a query you like, click on it to expand and view its details.
  6. Use the "Copy" button next to each query to quickly copy it to your clipboard.
  7. Adjust the theme by clicking the moon icon on the top right corner for a light/dark mode toggle.


  1. This Assistant is based on ChatGPT´s newest AI Model.
  2. The response will occasionally be inaccurate.
  3. If you are not happy with the AI´s response try again by pressing the "Generate" button again. Do not forget to change your prompt. Same Prompt = Same Response.